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Because our clients’ data covers multiple decades, it may span several generations of technical systems. This creates problems with data accuracy, completeness, and cleanliness which can impede the quality of internal and actuarial analysis. Our years of deep industry experience and proprietary methodology allow us to transform our client’s data for improved reporting and migration to new systems. With over 100 pension clients across North America, we have been exposed to all types and sizes of fund data.

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Enabling the delivery of benefits to public pension and multiemployer members. 



Linea Solutions has an established track of success with some of the largest workers’ comp organizations in North America. We understand the large-scale effort to organize, cleanse, and convert data in this industry.


We partner with labor unions, public agencies, and associations to assist with data cleansing and data management of all delivered benefits. We efficiently organize all data within the claims process.

Medical professional Liability

We partner with public agencies and insurance carriers to assist with data cleansing and data management for MPL claims and policies. Our efficient processes organize all relevant data within the MPL claims and underwriting lifecycle.

Accountable partners in the management of policyholder data