About ICON

We speak data fluently


Providing holistic data solutions

From the many projects we have worked, we have learned that data is not a siloed component of a modernization effort. When you choose ICON as your data conversion partner, you are choosing a team that understands how data conversion effects all aspects of your system implementation. We keep our efforts and actions aligned with project goals using the full resources of Linea Solutions at our disposal. This makes for fluid and successful projects and improved member, stakeholder, and policyholder services.


We are your trusted data stewards

We treat your data with the same level of importance that your members, stakeholders, and policyholders treat their monthly benefit.

Ethics is at the heart of what we do

We handle your records with care, ensuring conscientious decision-making. You're in the hands of professionals who genuinely grasp the real-world importance of your data.

We pride ourselves on precision

Correctly converting all legacy data sources to a usable, ideal, modernized system requires the kind of artisan skills with which a craftsman would restore a prized sculpture.


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ICON is committed to contributing to a more diverse, equitable, inclusive, and accessible world.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusivity, and Access are values that have always been integral to the Linea Solutions family of companies, which is why we have formed a DEIA Committee. The committee works to ensure that all Linea companies, ICON included, incorporate these values in their policies and actions. We also contribute to these values beyond our company and have been working with multiple organizations to support them financially as well as through mentorship efforts. At ICON, we continuously strive to find new ways of fulfilling these commitments.