We provide clarity to our clients by transforming their data

How We Work


We have a hierarchy of data types necessary for benefits organizations and a straightforward method of applying our clients’ data to this hierarchy in a way that is useful for smooth data analysis and conversions. Because we are familiar with the typical gaps and understand what the industry’s legacy data looks like, we can anticipate the challenges your organization may face and help you meet those challenges.



Define business rules through data analysis, data manipulation, programmatically, manually, or conversion with a library of standard profiling rules in addition to client-specific rules for known data issues. 



We script the business rules from the Define process and run them against legacy data.



Perform data migration to the target staging database (TSD) and the administrative solutions database, based on detailed-level data mapping sessions.



Reconciliation happens several times throughout the data profiling and migration process. We reconcile the legacy authoritative data sources to the TSD and Administrative solutions database.


Data Management

We reconstruct data from one system into another. We evolve analog to digital, convert file formats, and consolidate into a single, accessible source. We transform data to make it compatible across a range of systems. This work is essential for data migration, integration, and ensuring that your modernized system has all the information it needs to best serve your members, stakeholders, or policyholders.

Data Profiling

Because we are experts within our industries, we can assist organizations to help them understand what they need from their data and what is missing from their data.

Data Conversion

Our primary work focus is the conversion of data from large legacy pension, insurance, and workers’ compensation administration systems into more modernized versions of those systems.

Improved Reporting & Analytics

Large pension and benefits and organizations are often restricted to the reports and information provided by their chosen software vendors. ICON can design customized and enhanced reporting as a component of converting data to these large systems.